George M. Verity scale 1:48     Model size 40" x 10" including wheel     (radio control) 

Watch a short video com/watch? v=_efgtu_ sck0

Model has smoke generator, working navigation, guard, spot and interior lights in Texas cabins. Pilot house and Texas cabins fully detailed.

geo-m-verity01.jpg (109315 bytes) Stbd geo-m-verity02.jpg (153399 bytes) Stern verity03.jpg (97226 bytes) Stern verity04.jpg (86555 bytes) Head

verity05.jpg (80803 bytes) Head              verity07.jpg (52131 bytes) Port lights    verity14.jpg (45869 bytes) Stbd lights 

verity12.jpg (70513 bytes) Parlor lights verity15.jpg (68403 bytes) Office lights verity17.jpg (72076 bytes) Lights fwd

verity38.jpg (118775 bytes) P. H. port       verity41.jpg (50347 bytes) Parlor            verity42.jpg (50943 bytes) Parlor

verity36.jpg (79568 bytes) verity37.jpg (83192 bytes) Soldered link chain used to steer monkey rudders

mech1.jpg (42528 bytes) mech3.jpg (39998 bytes) mech4.jpg (33974 bytes) mech2.jpg (24589 bytes) Mechanism for working pitmans 

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