Mini Tow      no scale         model size  9 1/2" x 1 3/4"            (floating display)

minitow8.jpg (23330 bytes) Head minitow4.jpg (35300 bytes) Port minitow6.jpg (15417 bytes) Overview minitow7.jpg (14431 bytes) Overview

minitow9.jpg (20063 bytes) Stbd stern minitow94.jpg (39378 bytes) Port bow minitow95.jpg (28149 bytes) Boat overview

minitow96.jpg (13319 bytes) Stern minitow93.jpg (13593 bytes) Port tow worleycrn.jpg (33942 bytes) P.H. Worley & crane flat

towinlock.jpg (34507 bytes) Tow in lock

During exhibitions the locks actually work with water

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